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Merchants of all sizes have trusted BMG to accept payments, and grow their business in-store and online for over 20 years.


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Our extensive industry-wide partnerships allows us to offer the best industry-grade service possible.

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Credit Card Processing

How it works / Processing with BMG

The Sell

Below is our "Effective Rate" calculator. Enter your annual volume and annual fees to get a glimpse of the average fee cost you're paying to accept credit cards. Also, see what you could be paying with BMG!

Annual Savings Calculator

Your annual volume

Your annual fees

Current rate


Potential rate


Annual savings


Let's say you sell one of your products or services and charge your customer $75. For this transaction, you will incur several fees.

The Fees

3) Processor

Processors (us) charge a fee to facilitate payments through the bank, cards, and other networks.

e.g. 0.50% + $0.10 per transaction

You pay $.475 in processor fees

1) Interchange

When your customer uses a credit card, the bank who issues the card charges a fee called "Interchange".

e.g. 2% + $0.10 per transaction

You pay $1.60 in interchange fees

2) Card Brand

Card brands, such as Visa, charge a fee whenever their cards are used. These are known as "Card Brand Fees".

e.g. 0.10% + $0.02 per transaction

You pay $.095 in card brand fees


If you have any questions about the numbers above, feel to reach out to us. We're available at any time to answer a call to address a business need.

For this $75 transaction, you pay $2.17 in fees to accept credit cards.

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