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Partnerships & Associations

We take advantage of opportunity wherever it presents itself! Here at BLVD Merchant group, we undergo any an all partnerships that makes sense. As well, our many capabilities allow us to service associations with the utmost professionalism, and urgency.

Aggressive Schedule A Pricing

We've centered our business model around the best pricing the industry offers. This way we can provide you, the merchant, with what you need to scale your business. Inquire today about the best pricing the industry has to offer!

Technology Partners

When you partner with us, you will instantly have access to integration with an array of online platforms including Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, and many more! 

PCI Compliance

Are you having difficulties getting PCI Compliant? Worry no more, we have a service specialized for this area of commerce. Contact us today and we can rid you of the concern to get compliant.

Multi-Platform Boarding

Our industry experience has allowed us to start offering merchants with Multi-Platform Boarding. This means we have the capability to board merchants from any sector of business. Contact us today for a merchant account!


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